1.  Apples Lower Cholesterol

According to new research from Florida State University, apples are a “miracle fruit”. They lower cholesterol to fight heart disease, which happens to be the number one killer in both men and women.

“In addition to their cardiovascular benefits, there’s some evidence that apples help regulate blood sugar and control appetite, protect against cancer, and safeguard the lungs.”[1]

2.  Apples Promote Bone Health

Apples also help keep your bones strong. They help immensely when it comes to bone protection due to their Boron content.[2]

3.  Apples May Prevent Asthma

Apple juice may help children with asthma wheeze less. Studies show that children who drank apple juice on a daily basis did not wheeze as much as those who didn’t drink it as often. (Just please use organic apple juice to avoid possible excess arsenic [3])

4.  Apples Can Help You Lose Weight

And as for weight loss, a Brazilian study showed that women who ate 3 apples a day lost more weight that those who did not.