Who doesn’t love the summertime? Long days, warm nights, family picnics, and cherry season! Turns out that cherries are one of those rare treats that you can feel good about indulging in this summer. Here are 3 reasons to enjoy time with Cherry:


1.  Cherries Pack a Nutritional Punch

They’re packed with enough nutritional power to help you stay healthy and feel good, and they taste amazing, too. Cherries are loaded with vitamins and nutrients to help lower cholesterol, fight inflammation, promote heart health, and improve mental functioning, but check out what else cherries can do for you:

2.  Cherries Can Help Slow the Aging Process

Forget about high-priced creams, your favorite little red fruit can help you to age gracefully for a lot less money. Cherries get their bright red coloring from anthocyanins, a natural amino acid that has been shown to protect the body from the effects of oxygen, nitrogen, and UV rays. Cherries contain melatonin, too, which has been shown to help delay the aging process.

3.  Cherries Can Help You to Sleep Better

The melatonin found in cherries does more than prevent wrinkles and sagging, it also serves as a natural sleep aid. When the body is low on melatonin, sleep is less restful and there is an increased risk of cancer and heart disease. Cherries help the body to maintain the appropriate levels of melatonin so that you can sleep soundly and stay healthy.

Pack a handful of dried cherries for a nutritious and delicious on-the-go snack, add a bunch of them to your favorite pie crust or baked goods, or nibble them straight from the tree. No matter which way you pick ‘em, the power of cherries is hard to beat.