When discussing healthy foods, eggs often get a bad rap. There’s good news for egg lovers, however. When eaten in moderation (just one egg per day), the breakfast staple enjoyed by millions of people on a daily basis isn’t just good for you. Start the day off right. These are 3 reasons why you should eat eggs:


1.  Eggs are Low Calorie, High Nutrition

Despite being low in calories, eggs are one of the most nutrient dense foods available. They are an excellent source of protein and also provide quite a dose of vitamin D, vitamin B-12, selenium, and choline.

Eggs also contain some of the highest levels of amino acids in protein-based foods also high in amino acids to build muscles and promote proper body function. Research has also shown that egg eaters have a higher intake of nearly all nutrients compared with those who don’t eat eggs.

2.  Eggs Promote Eye Health

Eggs might even be able to help protect your eyesight. The high levels of antioxidants found in eggs work to prevent age-related mascular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness.

3.  They’re Versatile and Easy to Enjoy

Eggs are versatile, filling, and packed with everything your body needs to function properly. Despite outdated claims that any egg consumption is bad for cholesterol levels, recent studies show that eating 1-2 eggs per day has no effect on total cholesterol for most people. Fry them, scramble them, poach them, or boil them—regardless of how you prepare them, eggs can do wonders for your health.