Hot Peppers

When it comes to hot peppers and improving your health…the hotter, the better.  It turns out that the same compounds that make your eyes water and your pulse quicken when you munch a particular hot pepper have some amazing health benefits, too! Here are  3 reasons to bring on the heat:


1.  Capsaicsin: Hot Peppers’ Anti-Inflammatory Cancer Fighter

All peppers, from bell peppers to ghost peppers and every pepper in between, contain compounds, called capsaicsinoids, which allow them to offer extraordinary health properties. It is capsaicsin that gives peppers their spicy flavor, so the spicier the pepper, the more of these health benefits that can be had. Research has shown that foods loaded with capsaicsin have the ability to fight inflammation, prevent heart disease, alleviate arthritis pain, lower blood pressure, and improve circulation.

2.  Hot Peppers Offer Other Important Nutrients, Too

In addition to capsaicsin, hot peppers contain vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene and other powerful antioxidants. Scientists have discovered that this healthy combination of nutrients can help fight cancer by attacking the cells that cause it.

3.  Not a fan of spicy foods? You can still enjoy the benefits.

Don’t let that stop you from receiving all of the health benefits that hot peppers can offer. Start by adding the hottest peppers you can tolerate to your cooking, even if they’re mild. Over time, your body will build up a tolerance to spice, and you may even find yourself reaching for the hot sauce.